How I Turned Fun Into Profit?

Is it really worth staying in your own comfort zone and missing out on all the endless opportunities that are right there in front of you?


Anything you can think of or love doing – can be an actual business. So why most hate their jobs? Very simple, getting out of the comfort zone of something they are so used to can be tough. Going into unknown can be scary. Or, most common one – not being able to recognize the opportunity.

In order to be your own boss you have to have a certain mindset. In the past 10 years of doing business, I have stumbled upon a whole range of different personalities who were absolutely sure they are ready to build something of their own. 5% of those actually pursued their ideas, and 0.01% turned their idea into a profitable business. One thing has to be understood – it doesn’t happen over night.

I put endless hours in work I believe in. I remember the days when I’d work for 20+ hours straight. Why? Because I’m in charge of my own good name, and, my own future. Of course a lot of things have to be put on hold, however, as I like to say – if you want to find time for something – you will! But, where to begin?

I already wrote a lil’ some-some about my first steps in the music industry. But, at one point I started going into other ventures. Sometimes everyone needs some type of a break, or just – why not adding more to the plate, and that’s exactly what happened. I got into sports, by accident.



Of course, in most businesses – you will learn along the way. You will make mistakes, but it’s all about how fast you can do damage control, and most importantly – turn it into a benefit. Helping run one football team wasn’t enough – so why not adding one more. However, that was all on the national level. Too small of a bite for me. Why not starting a media website that will cover American football in Europe? Or, why not manufacturing uniforms and apparel? Or, do private labeling?


But, where to start?

You can monetize everything. However, it all leads us back to your mindset. Work has to come in first. It has to be something so natural. In my businesses – we create. Creating something from a scratch to seeing or hearing the final product – nothing can replace that feeling. It’s simply beautiful. Once you don’t feel like working, avoiding what needs to be handled – you’re in trouble. You either need a big break or to quit what you’re doing. It’s really that simple. I’m always available for business calls, since in my world – business hours never end. Some might think that’s not the right way to go, but, it turned out well for me. I like to test and see what works for me the best – both business wise and my own “personal space” wise.

Research. Google. Type in any question or phrase that comes to your mind. I’ll quote Eben Pagan – there are 5 things you need to have in order – “You, your market, your marketing, your people, your systems”.

Go old school. Everyone is trying to be different nowadays. I like simplicity. Clients, associates and partners can reach out directly, and it’s up to you to see if what’s being said is worth of your time.

Don’t complain. Just do what you’re supposed to. Most think everything I did was dropped in front of me. Make things look easy. No one needs to know how complex it was behind the curtains, and things you had to go through to get tasks done. Complain to people who are actually trustworthy and can feel your pain.

Distractions. Why not turning distractions into profit? We all love to go out? Did I host parties and events – of course. Why not connecting what you do and throwing great events for it. More on organizing a successful event – some other time. Don’t want to miss out on a game on TV? Learn how to multitask. God knows how many times I was accepting conference calls, sending out e-mails and handling services while watching a game.


Is time really money? – Of course it is!

Don’t let others waste your time. A good friend once said – “Time is the most valuable thing we have”, and he couldn’t be more right. If you don’t appreciate your time and who you’re letting use your time – I have bad news for you. The amount of time you put in is pretty much equivalent to the benefits you will receive. Never take shortcuts. You’ll always miss out on something valuable.

Treat information like gold, but treat time like it’s priceless. Don’t let others slow you down. If you can’t work with someone on the same level who is not at your own speed – replace the person. It sounds harsh, but, do not let anyone stand between you and what you’re trying to accomplish. Do not be the one trying to run the show where everyone else around you doesn’t share the vision and passion. If that means that you’ll go solo – then do it. I’ve cut and fired so many people even after giving that infamous 2nd chance, and, guess what happened – I’ve moved the business forward. I know that at one point someone with the same vision and passion like mine will cross my path. It’s just how things go in life. Look at it as making room for someone new.


Have fun! Lots of it!

What’s the point of doing business if you can’t have fun? Meeting great individuals who can inspire you is one of the benefits. Business meetings are not supposed to be boring, especially with the modern culture now where personal touch is a must (no pun intended, seriously). Even business trips can be mini vacations. However, at the end of the day – you have to love what you’re doing and you have to be damn good at it.

Every day is a good day for perfecting your knowledge and skills, so why not starting today? (If you actually gave it a thought and the very next thing that came to your mind was an excuse, I’ll give you a piece of free advice – do NOT start a business! Just don’t. You’re set to be the one who follows, and it’s not your fault.)


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